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Dear Barrie Rugby Club community members,

An update on the upcoming rugby season in light of the current environment surrounding the COVID-19/ Coronavirus.  The Barrie Rugby Club remains committed to the health and safety of all its members and is working closely with local governments, Rugby Ontario and Rugby Canada to ensure we remain vigilant by actively monitoring the evolving situation.  Currently, it has been determined that no changes to the upcoming season are necessary.  In understanding the severity and fluidity of the situation, we are ready to adapt and react as the situation progresses.  Our aim is to provide up to date information regarding the status of the club and upcoming season, as information becomes available.

During this time BRC team coaches, therapists, volunteers and other staff members will be following the following recommendations from Rugby Ontario as our season begins.  It is recommended that all community members follow these guidelines as well;

  • Wash your hands frequently (it is the single greatest preventative measure).
  • Practice other good hygiene habits:
    • Do not touch face/eyes/mouth with your hands.
    • Cover your mouth and nose when you sneeze or cough (ideally with disposable tissue or crease of your elbow).
    • Restrict sharing of water bottles.
  • Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces (e.g. rugby balls, tackle bags, cones, etc).
  • Maintain good general health (Eat a balanced diet, get enough sleep, exercise in moderation).
  • Stay inside if you have been sick or have been in close contact with somebody who may have symptoms.
  • Contact public health or a health professional for questions about your personal health situation.
  • Refer to the Government of Canadas directives on Prevention and Risk

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All Ages and Skill Levels - January Registration

Men’s and Women’s 
Junior teams: Boys U18, U16, U14 and Girls U18, U16, U14. 
Youth: Rep U12, U10 Co-ed, U12, U10, U8, U6.


Get started on the Activate Injury Prevention Program developed by World Rugby and significantly reduce your risk of soft tissue injuries and concussions – Here’s a link to an info page developed by our Director of Risk and Safety.

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The Barrie Rugby Football Club represents the county of Simcoe and surrounding area in the Ontario Rugby Union and competitively fields men, women and youth teams. A legacy that started in 1967 the Barrie RFC has a steep history of fielding competitive sides with minimal numbers. Its players have competed at the national and provincial level while remaining loyal to the club and never failing to remember their kinship with blue stripes.

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The Barrie Rugby club is currently the fastest growing Sports club in Canada!