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Why should my kid play rugby?



Most team sports in North America are Coach dominated. Coaches have access to players during the game to provide direction and make decisions. Rugby is a pure players sport. The coaching is done during the week and come game time, the players take responsibility for their decisions. The game has no time outs or ‘shifts’ so once the whistle blows the players are for the most part on their own. They are coached to make good decisions and back themselves. This is very empowering for kids and helps them build confidence and experience in their own choices. They learn what a good choice and a bad choice is and this skill transfers to their personal lives.




There is no tracking of goals or assists in rugby. The concept does not exist. Nobody cares who scores. Every player on the field is responsible for making the right decision for the benefit of the team. It is about 14 players getting the 15th player over the line to score. It is the ultimate in team sports.




There is alot of running in rugby. Children who play build tremendous physical and aerobic fitness as you don’t get many opportunities to rest. The offside line moves with the ball on a full size field. Every player is either full on in attack or full on in defense at all times.




Rugby is an international sport played in every corner of the globe. Rugby clubs welcome and look after new players unlike any other sport.

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